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Every person who has ever washed a car knows how slow and inaccurate a hose can be. From wetting the car to washing off the soap suds, we all can agree it is definitely a lengthy process! 

Introducing the all new bigboi WASHR FLO JNR ! Designed for the car enthusiast!! Don't let the size of this unit fool you, its much more compact and lighter than the ever popular WASHRFLO.

Built with the latest cutting edge technology ,the bigboi WASHR FLO JNR is fitted with a Total Stop System (TSS) and will sense water flow in the pump, automatically turning off the engine and protecting the WASHR from overheating.

With its small and compact design, along with it being tuned by bigboi for car cleaning, the all new WASHR FLO JNR will output 1300PSI at the nozzles with a water flow rate of 6LPM.

The bigboi WASHR FLO JNR comes with a compact brushed aluminium motor, giving it a lightweight but yet powerful output. . The WASHR FLO JNR also contains ¼ inch quick connect attachments all round and is designed with the iconic bigboi colour palette.

 Having 1900PSI and a flow rate of  6LPM MAX, the bigboi WASHR is fit with a 1500W (Peak) and a voltage of 240V/50HZ. Subject to your region.

Accessories available for the WASHRFLO are all compatible to use with the WASHR FLO JNR.



  • 1 x bigboi pressure WASHR FLO JNR
  • 1 x quick release trigger hand gun with short stainless steel extension arm
  • 1 x 8m hose
  • 4 x  quick release varying degree nozzles ( orifice size 0.92mm)
  • 1 x water source filter
  • 1 x brass 3/8 quick release hose connector M22/14MM
  • User manual



  • Voltage: 240V/50HZ- subject to your region
  • Motor: 1500W (Peak) Brushed
  • Maximum Pressure: True 1900PSI
  • Max Flow Rate: 6LPM max
  • Hose Length: 8m lime colour
  • Max Water Temp: Can accept up to 50 C
  • Power Cable Length: 5m
  • Pressure Nozzle Connection: 1/4 Inch
  • Power Plug: Certified Standard for your region
  • Carton Weight: 10kg


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