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Vermijl Car Detail


Vermijl Car Detail is a trusted authority in the detailing world, with over 405K subscribers on YouTube. As a CARPRO Certified detailer from Belgium, Vermijl offers professional services including deep cleaning, polishing, and ceramic coating of cars. His videos showcase his meticulous work in a relaxed ASMR style format, using top-notch products and tools. Vermijl’s use of bigboi products highlights their quality and effectiveness. All featured products are available in our webshop and store, so you can achieve the same stunning results.



I'm Josh V is a renowned figure in the car detailing community, providing helpful and effective car detailing and interior repair videos. With a substantial following on YouTube, Josh V offers car detailing how-tos, product reviews, and car detailing business strategies. His in-depth comparisons and honest reviews help enthusiasts and professionals alike make informed decisions.

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@Samuele-Doria 3 months ago (edited)

I bought WASHR DUO a month ago, and I am absolutely satisfied. I don't use it commercially, just for me.

P.s. Sorry for my English! I'm from Italy

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@imjoshv 3 months ago

Awesome!! Thanks your for the feedback. I’m really excited to get mine

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@dd_cardetail7614 3 months ago

I've had the washR pro for 1 1/2 years, you'll be really happy with the sound level compared to others! the power and flow are there and it works really well. the only thing Bigboi has to provide in the future is repair kits with gaskets etc like Kranzle can do so that over time we can keep it on top

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@garethdavies7564 3 months ago

i just brought one 3 weeks ago the bundle being in uk a mobile detailer its a weapon its defo up there with kranzle

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@rontronnesjr 3 months ago

When I saw your SEMA video, I thought these looked like a nice units. When I looked into it, I didn't realize they were going to make them available for the US market. Now, I'm happy I didn't jump on the 2.3 when it released. It's just me and 1 vehicle, but I'll put in the overtime to get the pro!!!

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@imjoshv 3 months ago

Yea they seem to do all the work so it’s ready to roll for the detailer! I’m excited to get mine In addition to that, I've been checking out the iSpring website about a "custom" dioonizer setup with 3 tubes (first carbon to remove chlorine and the 2nd 2 tubes for the di media). Then they say they are going to make theirs available to us as well!!!!!

Sorry, Active - going with Bigboi!!!!

Thanks Josh!!!



Introducing Waxworld, a top-tier detailing authority from the Netherlands. Their YouTube channel is your go-to source for expert car care advice, detailed product reviews, and hands-on tutorials. Waxworld's insightful videos and professional demonstrations, featuring leading products like bigboi, help both enthusiasts and professionals achieve outstanding results. Subscribe now to stay updated on the latest in car detailing excellence!

Cars With Keav


Cars With Keav is a renowned channel in the automotive world, led by an enthusiast dedicated to sharing his passion for cars and detailing. With a growing subscriber base, Keav provides insightful reviews, in-depth tutorials, and practical tips for car care. His content ranges from product reviews and comparisons to hands-on detailing techniques, all delivered with a focus on quality and authenticity.

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@TRINInDC925 2 months ago

I have to say, I was not expecting an update video especially one so quickly. That speaks a lot to the power of social media and content but also to the company as they are looking at info and content on their products as they are also so new to the market. This is really impressive in their response as well as to correct the issues you had noticed in your testing.

Great update, I'm sure many will look forward to this info.

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@CarsWithKeav 2 months ago

Yeah they also sent a much smaller 1st shipment of the duo because of the 15 amp concern. So if there was an issue they could respond quickly. Almost what you would call a soft launch. The Pro they brought much more on the 1st shipment.

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@FredShramovich 2 months ago

Solid update dude and awesome customer support by Big Boi!

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@CarsWithKeav 2 months ago

Thanks and agreed.