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The Bigboi FOAMR18 is an electronic hoseless foamer. Using the latest lithium ion battery technology, the FOAMR18 will automatically build pressure that will create lush thick foam in seconds, all without a single pump.

Perfect for car washing & detailing, wheels, window cleaning & tinting, PPF application, watercrafts and more!

Gone are the days of manual hand pumping & insufficient pressure which makes cleaning your pride & joy a crazy task, with a simple nozzle change you can go from foaming to spraying in seconds!.

Time to DUMP THE PUMP & FOAM it! 


  • Avoid spraying acid, alcohol, gasoline, flammable or explosive liquids. Any strong corrosives are also not advised. Warranty is limited for incorrect usage of chemicals. DO NOT wash your car in direct sunlight to avoid water spotting. Please select a clean dry shaded area for this application.


  • Large 1.8L bottle capacity

  • 2500 mAh lithium battery

  • Running time 60 minutes

  • Foaming &spraying option

  • Charge time: 5V 2A Adaptor: 2.4 hours - 5V 1A Adaptor: 5.5 hours

  • Self priming. No pumping required

  • LED charging indicator



  • Foaming nozzle

  • Spray nozzle

  • Gasket

  • USB charge cable